This is Thin Privilege

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[tw: fat hate] Thin Privilege being able to advance in your field.

I am the head of Human Resources at my job, which is a agency that routinely does work for the government. I am currently 5’ 7” and 250 pounds. Although the position I have right now is good, the work the agency does could easily have me making twice the amount of money, if I could just get an entry level position. I have studied very hard, but due to my weight, I am the laughing stock. I am more qualified than many of the people I work for, but I am laughed at because of my weight, and never considered for the job (although I have covered for people many times, without recognition). This has led me to drink heavily, and my coworkers know this.

I was raised on a farm, which has made me tougher than most of the guys around the office, which would be an invaluable asset to the line of work, and I also know 3 different languages, which would help in the international field. The wage gap between me and the other employees is enormous, even though I can do exactly what they do. I am healthier than most of them, more loyal to the company than most of them, but still I am held back.

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