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"How dare you say fat people should have agency and not be abused? You’re a SELF-HARMING blog!"

Some troll (who calls themselves Thin N. Happy ( ) “threatens”:

Don’t worry, multiple people have reported you for being a self harm blog. Tumblr mailed me back and are seriously looking at you. Your post after post of encouraging people to not exercise, overeat, and ignore doctors have finally come home to roost.


Mod response: Then they can take down every since fat acceptance, anti weight loss, HAES, body positive, etc post and blog on Tumblr, which make the same observations we do (not that I agree with your characterization of us in the slightest, but then again I’m not in the business of taking empty threats seriously). Because that will garner them a lot of positive press, I’m sure. Especially as fat acceptance, HAES, and body positivity gains more mainstream support by major news organization. 

They can also watch as the moderators of this blog and our supporters in the activist community talk to article writers and reporters and expose just how much hatred and how many threats to our lives and limbs we and our followers have gotten for daring to stand up for ourselves as humans who ask no more than to take up space in this world as we are, no apologies, no denigration, just people like — oh gosh, I dunno — a naturally thin person!

Then there’s the libel and slander, the altered posts attributed to mods of this blog, that were reported and went unremoved by Tumblr. There are the posts that shared personal information of moderators and followers of this blog, like their phone number, where they work, where their spouse works, etc, that were linked in posts never taken down by Tumblr even after several complaints.

Also, how since February 2013 TITP has been censored throughout Tumblr in the form of being ghostnoted — with anything reblogged from us not showing up in the notes, and with our posts not being propagated to Tumblr-wide tags. And how my support tickets went nowhere in that case.

Go ahead. I’m sure it’ll get really interesting if TITP gets taken down


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  1. mistilovesyou said: Good I hope they report pro-Ana blogs too. Eff the body police
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    I’ll be behind TITP if it gets taken down. We’ll all be behind you.
  7. sheluvsbball reblogged this from fatbodypolitics and added:
    This is pitiful. They don’t care about self harm, they’re angry someone is trying to put a stop to their fat shaming...
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  11. ourconfidence said: This is ridiculous! Why are people so angry about self-love?