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[–]Chelseahamoorftw 47 points48 points ago

I can't believe people here are defending the ref. It is a stupid red card indeed imo. The refs should use their judgment in various situations and not literally just follow the rules like a robot, or else what the point of a fricking professional ref? What differentiates a good one from a shitty one if both only follow the rules blindly. Yeah sure it was in the rules that he can give him a yellow for that, but also it is in the rules that the ref can let it slide.

[–]Juventusmucco -21 points-20 points ago

I'm sorry, but you are 100% wrong.

It's not in the rules that he can give yellows for that. It's in the rules that he must give yellows for that. It is written nowhere in the rules that he has the faculty of withholding a yellow card according to his judgment.

A referee's judgment is called upon in mainly three cases:

  1. judging if a "group of six" action (kicking, tripping, jumping at, charging, striking or pushing an opponent) is careless, reckless, with excessive force, or none of the above. That determines if you will let play, call a foul, caution the offender, or send him off.
  2. The amount of additional time after regular time for either half has expired.
  3. Judging if a handball was committed on purpose, which determines whether the handball is a foul or not.

Every other rule (almost) is not open for judgment and we referees must abide by all the other rules as best as we can. The laws of the game are the only thing that gives us credibility and consistency; if I start withholding yellow cards "because cmon", then I do not have the backing of the laws anymore and I lose all my authority.

[–]Borussia Dortmundroadbuzz 23 points24 points ago

The FIFA regulations actually only state that the removal of the jersey in celebration is prohibited and if "a player [is] removing his jersey or shirt to reveal slogans or advertising." That wasn't the case so the ref's decision was simply wrong.

Sorry mate, but you're 100% wrong.

[–]Arsenalkoreainhyuk -1 points0 points ago

This needs more upvotes. This man speaks the truth!

[–]Brasilimtlhabs 4 points5 points ago

That's bullshit. A referee's job is to ensure the game is fairly played and that the players abide by its rules, but there is always room for discretion. He would never have gotten reprimanded if he didn't give that card

[–]I_Conquer 1 point2 points ago

I don't know anything about this rule. But I reckon it might be useful if people on both sides of this argument stop thinking of it as "100% wrong" or "bullshit". There's clearly room for intelligent, reasonable people who are passionate about the game to disagree. You know... just the 2 cents of a guy who wants to get into the game without thinking that I'll be drown by this kind of infighting.