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[–]ArchStantun [score hidden] ago

You know what? You clearly have zero experience with dating women. Women don't actually approach men. They "just want to be swept off their feet" and "let it happen".

Men go out there and get the job done. And this startles women because they can't think outside of their own isolated world. Next minute you know they're being a bunch of cunts telling men that are hitting on women at the malls that they're "basically rapists".

In any goal in life, if you seek something and work for it, and you get the benefit of it, you're considered a champ. One night stands are a prime example.

Literally almost ANY woman on the planet is 5 seconds away from fucking a stranger if she wanted to. She could walk into a club, eye a guy down in under a seconds, tell him to meet her in the bathroom and they'll fuck.

That would never happen for the guy. FUCKING EVER. The dude actually has to have a personality (hence PUA tactics) to convince them.

What you're describing is context-less. A woman doesn't need a personality to fuck a stranger, a man does. Therein lies the difference and definition of a slut.

[–]nubbeh123 [score hidden] ago


My current girlfriend actually takes charge at times. Before I met her, I had women approach me at bars.

You sound very bitter.

Next minute you know they're being a bunch of cunts telling men that are hitting on women at the malls that they're "basically rapists".

A woman doesn't need a personality to fuck a stranger, a man does. Therein lies the difference and definition of a slut.

I'm guessing you're a subscriber to TRP. Perhaps you should stay there among your neckbeard brethren.

[–]ArchStantun [score hidden] ago

Well come on down when playing the role of white knight no longer works out for you.

I'll be banging all the best babes. 2013- Fucked 12 girls, all hot. What have you accomplished? Get numbers from girls I meet everywhere almost every 4-5 days.

[–]nubbeh123 [score hidden] ago

Another brilliant strawman, you're quite good at those. You should consider becoming a political pundit. Naturally I'm a white knight because I disagree with you.

Do you want a fucking medal or something? I'm in an exclusive relationship with a woman I actually enjoy spending time with. I really don't care how many women you've fucked because I'm happy with the one woman I have. Frankly I feel sorry for you given how bitter you are and how warped your ideas about women are. Clearly you were hurt by someone.

Go back TRP, they might actually give a crap and call you an alpha bro.

[–]ArchStantun [score hidden] ago

You know what? I was previously in a long term exclusive 4 year relationship too. I'm 24. I make great money, go to school, and powerlift. So yeah show me a medal and I'll take it. I'm more skilled and dedicated than most.

Who are you? What are your accomplishments? Why does your opinion matter when you can't back it up with the life experience?

Good on you for finding a woman you've labeled as worthy of your time. But don't sit in your ivory tower of inexperience and tell us how much better it is from the sidelines. Guys like me are in the grind, we actually work for what we have. And we're better for it. Are you?

[–]nubbeh123 [score hidden] ago

Again, woopty fucking doo dude. Nobody cares. My medal comment was obviously sarcastic. Nobody is impressed by this because obviously we have no way to confirm any of it, and we may not value the same things. Not every man values his life according his sex count and his pay check. I'm quite happy doing what I do.

I'm not going to get into some pissing match with a guy who calls women cunts, brags about how many women he's fucked in a year as if that makes him a bigger person, and talks about his life like it suddenly adds credence to the utter bullshit he is spouting.

Like I said, you sound bitter. Very, very bitter. You have to tell random strangers on the internet about your sex life to make yourself feel better and instantly assume anyone that disagrees with you couldn't possibly have anything going on in their life. It's quite sad really man. Whatever that woman did to you, you need to let it go and move on and TRP isn't the answer.

[–]ArchStantun [score hidden] ago

I'll tell you what. I have zero reason to lie when discussing a topic that directly affects me. This is a thread on dating preferences. Experience is topical and appreciated.

You're here spouting off excuses. And I'm teaching friends how to approach women. And come out with something that benefits them instead of being a selfless doormat to placate their whims. (Which the majority of men are to some extent. Majority are low value) My experience and accomplishments make me qualified.

Tell me what your accomplishments are. I want to know. Because it seems like I've outgunned you.

And you're going to disregard my opinion over something as simple as labels and yet you're going to support women when they call men who hit on them "basically rapists"

You're a white knight. And when your girl leaves you for a man that makes more money or fucks her better. Come by and we'll have a beer and offer solutions.

[–]nubbeh123 [score hidden] ago

This is epic. Jesus, you're so fucking bitter you must sweat Angostura.

You walked in and made sweeping declarations about women. The fact you're some 24 year old that has fucked a few women means nothing. Your statements are crap. They're nothing but TRP rhetoric. Of course since you got your dick wet 12 times in a year, you've convinced yourself they're the gospel truth.

You're not an expert on dating. You're a bitter man who got emotionally fucked up by a woman and swung hard the other way. You're not "teaching friends how to approach women", you're promoting a bullshit mentality that calls women cunts and sluts.

Another bullshit strawman. Where did I

support women when they call men who hit on them "basically rapists"

Seriously, find where I said that. I'll wait.

I'm not concerned about either of those things. Like I said, I have a happy life.

[–]ArchStantun [score hidden] ago

Still waiting on those accomplishments man. I'm judging you based on merit. You're making this about personal attacks.

Results matter. Excuses don't. I've fucked more women than most men ever will. In under 8 months. Reading books and blogs on this got me where I am today.

You know what your problem is? You can't look at a statement without a disclaimer present. I bet you've confused content with political correctness. Not every woman is a new standard to learn. It goes without saying. I bet you couldn't tell the difference between a bigot and a guy that makes assertions without disclaimers.

BTW, I'm not an expert on dating. But I get the job done. I pull in results and I help those that seek it. I don't even know what your problem is. I don't treat women like shit at all. I call them out on all their inarticulate bullshit and they love me for it. Enough to blow me in my car at the beach after hanging out with them for about an hour or 2. Or are women not smart enough to make their own decisions? Now who's the sexist one?

[–]nubbeh123 [score hidden] ago

I'm not playing your bullshit game. I know your kind. I know it's a useless endeavor. This isn't my first rodeo. You and your TRP brethren are no different than religious fundamentalists, political pundits or hardcore feminists. You all argue like high school jocks.

Again, nobody gives a shit how many women you've fucked. This isn't high school. Your number means nothing to me. I'm happy with my life.

More amazing strawman arguments. You know what those are, right? You're making assumptions about someone, unsupported ones at that, and then arguing against them.

Like I said, go back to TRP or r/seduction. Your kind are more appreciated over there. It's sad to see someone become so warped and twisted because of one woman treating them poorly.