the patriarchy has got me really low recently. 

like i was reading this blog post about “70 things i learned in my 20s" and there were some pretty misogynistic shit in there. like:

"if you think a dress is too short, it is."

"nanny or babysit regulary, it’s good practice"

"get in the best shape of your life- you’re in your prime"

"guys HATE high-waisted jeans"

"men love classy ladies"

like WHO THE FUCK CARES!? who cares if you’re wearing a short dress. If it makes you comfortable fucking wear it, who cares. Not every woman is going to have babies. stop making us think we need to have babies. get in the best shape of your life? that’s pretty fat-phobic and abelist. and likeeeeee your’e in your prime for what? WHO FUCKING CARES IF GUYS HATE HIGH-WAISTED JEANS. FUCKING GOOD. I LOVE THEM SO I’M GOING TO FUCKING WEAR THEM WHEN I FUCKING WANT TO. I DON’T WANT GUYS TO LIKE WHAT I WEAR.

and fuckin’ a. The last fcuking one. men love classy ladies. that’s just saying you need to make sure you always look nice and you’re not a slut and you know how to cook and read and blahblahblahblabh like shut the fuckup.

we are made to feel guilty for wearing make up to “cover up our flaws” but then shamed when we don’t wear make up and called ugly and unattractive and “we’ll never get a man if we continue with that”

and like. oh wow. everythign you do is for men

just do what makes you happy. and don’t put others down for doing what makes them happy.

and shut the fuck upppppppppppp


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