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[–]_OneManArmy_ -86 points-85 points ago

Congratulations, you are the person responsible for spreading a well written lie as a BestOf.

You are the person to blame my friend. Please refrain from "Besting" any other comments. Generally they need to be informative, useful, and TRUE.

[–]fredman555 27 points28 points ago

it was a personal experience, how was it a lie?

oh wait, because it wasnt what you perceived as reality

[–]AssuredlyAThrowAway 14 points15 points ago

JIDF checking in!

Don't feed the zionist trolls folks.

[–]meoxu8 21 points22 points ago

Hello Hasbara shill

[–]Richard_M_Lurkmoar 8 points9 points ago

how many shekels do you get per post?

[–]mrhappyoz 9 points10 points ago

Pls elaborate on how he was untruthful?

[–]SpurdoBurdo 6 points7 points ago

It was critical of Israel and Israel can do no wrong and if you say otherwise, you are an anti Semite holocaust denier

[–]Diqbut 2 points3 points ago

JIDF shill

[–]SameShit2piles 3 points4 points ago

so you know whrn internet strangers lie....interesting