An adult once told me...
Adultism? Seriously? I'm also pissed that adults rarely take me seriously but thats all going to change when I'm also an adult and then I can understand that teens and kids really do look small and dumb in adults eyes. It's a fact that they're more mature than us and know better. Please don't make up words with "ism" at the end for everything that bugs you a bit. There are way more important things in this world.

I’ll ignore most trolls, but this ask is well thought-out, and it gives me an opportunity to explore some adultist attitudes you’ve internalized.

Adultism is temporary, therefore it isn’t real oppression: Wow, the systematic dehumanization of youth and trivialization of their problems only lasts for two decades?! What a wonderful world!

Seriously though, ask yourself: Would you say the same if adultism lasted for thirty years? Thirty-five? Forty? Would “But it’s temporary!” work then? If not, why does it apply to two decades but not four?

"I can understand that teens and kids really do look small and dumb in adults’ eyes. It’s a fact that they’re more mature than us and know better." Yeah, no.

While adults generally do have more ~life experience~, that does not make youth inferior. Even in situations where a particular young person does have more experience, they’re often dismissed. That is so, fundamentally, wrong.

If you want to continue this conversation, please do so at personal blog. (Also, avoid the word d*mb. Words related to “intelligence” are ableist.)

The rest of this response goes out to the other anons who are denying adultism. Generally the asks went, “Quit whining! There are real problems in the world!”

Damn right there are. Don’t you just hate sexism? How teenage girls face a host of problems that are related to their age and gender? Don’t you just hate transphobia and homophobia? And all the challenges faced by LGBT*Q+ youth?

Key word: intersectionality. For every -ism, there are youth who put up with intersecting oppression. No one can dismantle the kyriarchy without tackling ageism.


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