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In response to the "pinkwashing" comments, according to Haaretz the memorial was suggested by Eran Lev, a "member of the municipal council from the Meretz party," a party who's platform includes an active and vocal push toward a peaceful two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has called on the Israeli government to freeze settlement expansion.

Also, in response to people who's first reaction to a holocaust memorial, any holocaust memorial, is a tactless accusation of political jockying (or as one person put it, "bullshit") without any actual evidence to back up the accusation, I...honestly I can't even think of what to say.

As a Jew, I have to remember that a third of my people were systematically wiped off the face of the earth a decade and a half before "I Love Lucy" came on the air. As a bisexual, I'm also aware that regardless of my religious/ethnic background I still would have been subject to discrimination, and it's important to memorialize all victims of the holocaust.

And to the rest of the community, stop upvoting them. Whatever your opinion is on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fact that someone calling a holocaust memorial "bullshit" is currently sitting as the top comment in this thread is freaking me out.

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I'm sorry you have to see our sub in such a deplorable state. I've noticed this sub can get pretty angry over some very petty stuff.