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Well, I wouldn't expect much from someone who calls himself "m1dnightshadow" and has a MLG tag on his nick

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Hello, I am Qymain, and a former admin of Kill-Streak that took the name Hidden. Kill-Streak was actually an amazing community, with many, many regulars especially on the eastern 2fort server. I am definitely going to miss them. Yet, this whole situation is true. He said in his own words that he spent all of his donater money on this psychic, and to be exact, $1600. Also, he called all of the regulars stupid. So, he didn't care about the community, only the money. This community is actually his little play toy that he has no care about. I am only being honest. Also, this is the Psychic he went to..

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Agree with everything said here pretty much. As an aside, he should of been able to tell this psychic is a fraud. She isn't ancient, doesn't have 60 shawls, and her doorways weren't made of stringed beads.

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2fort server

you mean purgatory

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Someone hacked KSG a few days ago and said LEAVE a bunch of times as like events and stuff. He also said something about DDOS, I didn't really pay attention, I thought he was just an asshole. I had no idea that KSG did that shit. Thanks for the PSA.

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Hey guys, I am wezlyyy. A former head server technician for KSG. Like most other admins, I migrated over to Black Magic Gaming( ). But that is beside the point we are trying to make here. Essentially, all m1dnight has ever been for the community is the guy with the credit card. Now that's still a very big part, but you would expect something more. Me and Antamania have been essentially cleaning up his messes for a long time now, and I would like to make some extra points.

m1dnight usually only comes on past midnight(heh) and starts making very risky executive decisions. He "axes" admins that he does not recognize(because he isn't around often enough), he puts plugins and features on the servers that hurts the servers technically and in their popularity. I wake up the next morning seeing he DDoSed some kids and stuck some plugins on the servers(one time it was pony porn on the MOTD), and everyone expects me to clean it up. Antamania gets all the complaints and has to direct traffic as well.

Then everyone settles down, the plugins are fixed and everything is back to normal. Until midnight. He comes on, finds me and Ant have fixed things "behind his back" while he told us he would be gone and we were allowed to make decisions like we did. He has taken me and Ants admin away many times, punished everyone in sight for going against him. He considered the admins his puppets, not allowing them to make public opinions about KSG.

He now DDoSes many admins day and night, everyone has been taught the avoid these things,and we move on. We do have evidence of him admitting and we have large IP logs in order to prosecute him in court. Might I add that Bottiger, Skial's owner, has been tracking these attacks every time they happen. He has proof of every single one. The 100+ times he has done it can put him away for a long time and as you can see, with all the donor chargebacks he is getting, there is no bail out.

This is no gaming internet tear fest, what he has done is very illegal on the international level and will be prosecuted.

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Hey, Wezz. Yeah, night before last, we're pretty sure he tried DDoSing one of our admins, "Rhi", because she is the host of that soundcloud file of him on Teamspeak (had 143 ping to Google and bad ping on all servers, had to call ISP).

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Would not be surprised at all.

We actually got into the admin panel of the website(dont ask us how) and tried to delete all of the IP data from the forums + hlstats to prevent him knowing everyones IPs to DDoS.

On a side note, just installed teamspeak, but my good mic is elsewhere :( but anyways ill try to hang a little in skial's TS

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Hey gents, poster of that announcement on the bottom here. Just wanted to say it may seem barren of a few things to someone who isn't involved in the KSG drama that occurred a few days ago..but that post should make sense to the people who have been playing there for a long time.

I would type a whole backround on the situation but honestly I feel as if it would be wasted, since I don't feel as if a lot of redditors touch those servers as is.

Also as I said, the intent was for it to remain in the group, I wasn't going to level accusations that people wouldn't understand since they haven't seen him going apeshit personally. It's hard for one to appreciate the acts of a loon without having first hand experience I suppose.

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Holy shit if it isn't a blast from the past. I remember being a regular at KSG back in late 2011 early 2012. There was a falling out with some other regulars and they formed their own server that I've been with since. There's actually a pastebin floating around of me talking with a former admin at the time. If I can find it i'll post it.

Edit: Not what I was talking about, but here is a dramatization of the events I talked about:

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Firekip, the KSG historian :D

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Yes he sure compiled some good info,

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Huh so that was it. I play on Skial quite a bit and I've seen the DDOS. Thanks for the update, please post again if anything else comes up!

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Why the fuck would you spend a bunch of stolen money on a psychic? I've been invited to them, but never had any interest, I liked their servers, but that was really the extent of my interest in them. I do believe they were the group that had the nice Dota 2 kill announcers on their servers, but I could be wrong. Damn shame the guy in charge is such an asshole. Guess I'd better take them off my favorites.

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Shit fighting shit.

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welp, there goes my favorite pubs

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TL;DR People are assholes, play on the server just don't fucking donate.

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Wasting excess donations is nothing surprising really. Servers should cost in the range of $18-$24 to run each month. Hosting is reliable and cheap; the stability of a server is dependent on whether the owner can keep the plugins they use (sourcemod/metamod/etc) up to date and not conflicting.

Anyone claiming they need donations to run their server shouldn't be running one. Servers are so cheap if they can't afford to run one out of pocket they shouldn't be running a server at all. I'm sure some people that make money off donations will disagree. Just look at the cost of hosting and ask yourself if they really need money or are actually making a pretty penny off those donations.

If just 4 people donate $5 each month - a server is paid for. Where does the excess money go?

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You make very valid, good points. The thing is he lied to people, he made a big stink about the servers not having enough money. He even shut them down a day or two to "raise awareness to the lack of funds coming into KSG and how he has to shut them down."

He claimed the servers were costing him 310 a month, and after research I found out the same provider was giving him the servers for roughly 50 a month. He also lied about pinion income, and was getting far more from pinion than the costs of the servers.

He just did a lot of money-grubby, scummy things. It just was an outrage because he didn't actually need the money.

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Still doesn't make this act any less grimy. But yeah, I do remember this - too funny.

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Some decent server hosts go for about 20-25 euros, for around 20-30 slots, and some decent ram. If I am ever going to have a server (Wich I possibly will), if I have excess money from donations, I set them aside for when people DON'T donate. You aren't going to get 4 people to donate 5$ a month with a one-server or two-server community.

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I would rather not have my IP or others be public. I had no intent for this to be posted on reddit - a lot of the post was directed at those who have been around that community and dealt with this drama personally and have some backround into the situation.

If anything the post was mainly to inflame him into responding and looking more like a fool infront of the people with more wild accusations, which is undoubtedly going to happen assuming he doesn't delete it.

But, as I said I am of course willing to give my proof privately, just not over a public forum (especially reddit.) until I've had time to make it appropriate for such a thing.

Edit: Also as an aside, if you bothered to read the entire thing, I said in there specifically I'd provide proof to anyone who asked me for it, so that should of given you some idea that I didn't just want anyone clearly able to access player IPs, as well as somewhat private discussions.

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Why the fuck would you spend a bunch of stolen money on a psychic? I've been invited to them, but never had any interest, I liked their servers, but that was really the extent of my interest in them. I do believe they were the group that had the nice Dota 2 kill announcers, but I could be wrong. Damn shame the guy in charge is such an asshole.