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[–]exiledarizona -33 points-32 points ago

If you are worried about men not taking you seriously, considering this place shares mods with mensrights you might want to check out actual anarchists at r/anarchism

*not to mention, I have been witness to multiple people here rejecting the idea that women have it harder or aren't listened to as much. I would flee immediately from here as a best course for action.

[–]juslen 17 points18 points ago

What does that have to do with woman not being taken seriously? What do moderators have to do with whether or not women can participate in discussions in this subreddit? Do they delete submissions by women, do they delete comments made by women? Do they dig into your comment history to determine what sex you are? Why wouldn't I take a woman seriously if she has the same views as me? Why else would a woman come here other than to ask questions about anarcho capitalism, to debate anarcho capitalists or to express anarcho capitalist views? Just like everyone else (including men). The last time I checked, ancaps are pretty accepting of other women, minorities and even people with different sexual orientations and preferences. I have no clue why you assume that woman should have to go to another subbreddit to be taken seriously. Maybe I'm missing something?

[–]wetalkinbigmoney 11 points12 points ago

I feel that this response is sexist in itself. Because the OP is a girl, she suddenly isn't certain in her beliefs? She stated in her original post that she considers ancaps and libertarians her peers. Clearly she considers herself one of the two.

It's almost like you assume that, because she is female, she's not strong in her ancap beliefs and that she could be so easily convinced to switch to anarchism.

[–]VJL110Less government and more governments 9 points10 points ago

Thankfully not all women want to embrace 'being a victim' as a core piece of their self-image, then get together online with other 'victims' from stable first-world families to roll around in eachothers' shared victimhood.

[–]MyGogglesDoNothingAnti-State personality disorder 5 points6 points ago

Victimhood ideologies are a bane on this earth. They are much more dangerous and destructive than given credit for. Fuck their proponents.

[–]Beetle559your flair here 15 points16 points ago

If I remember correctly, she actually got threatened with violence in r/anarchism....

[–]AnarchoHeathen(A) 11 points12 points ago

So let me see if I understand, you have invited an ancap to r/anarchism where she will be dismissed as "not an anarchist"... I am still marginalized and I'm a mutualist.

[–]riploxStuck In Meat-space 2 points3 points ago

If you dislike this sub so much, why do you hang around? You a masochist or something?

[–]dwymer_1991Tastey Elf Legs[S] 2 points3 points ago

I don't think it's a good idea for me to head to /r/anarchism XD I made a bad name for myself there. I mean that usually, when I talk to other people who share my views, they tend to be men, and most of them don't really think I know what I'm talking about. The worst offender is actually my boyfriend, believe it or not. I can offer him advice or knowledge, but he won't really consider it until one of his guy friend repeats it -_- my older brother is pretty bad about it, too, but he's just an asshole in general.

[–]exiledarizona -3 points-2 points ago

Unfortunately that's how patriarchy works, it sucks when dudes write it off. I mean, I was trolling since I knew posting that would rile everyone up. But in all honestly, I see so many people even on this thread that just want to deny they have any responsibility.

That is my big problem with ancappery really. I feel like it's an ideology that's easy for people to claim and feel good about themselves for. Unfortunately, it makes it really easy to ignore actually really difficult problems in the world that you actually have culpability in. It's like all you have to say is; lets get the "government" out of our lives and then everything will be perfect. And really, that's just not gonna happen.

There is a reason there is no critique of social issues or really anything societal over on this sub.

[–]SarionFetecuse1 0 points1 point ago

I deny the official story of the holocaust, I am a white separatist, I am against multiculturalism, if somebody discriminates by race in a private establishment even my race that is within their right to do so. I'm pro-MGTOW, pro-MRA, and I subscribed to /r/TheRedPill which is /r/mra x2. And I'm a neo-fuedal crypto-fascist anarcho capitalist, and I believe in leaving you alone.

I edited out my grammer errors.

[–]exiledarizona -4 points-3 points ago

you should do an AMA here with that as the title.

If you ancaps are too stupid to read what I am responding to and understand what I am talking about in terms of fascists trying to interject their ideology into your cause than you simply aren't gonna get it.

And no, you aren't an anarchist. You are a fascist.

[–]SarionFetecuse1 1 point2 points ago

And I'm a neo-fuedal crypto-fascist

I think if you didn't understand the humor in that you are an idiot. I'm not responding to what you've said, it's on par with the ravings of a lunatic.

The laughable part of left controlled anarchism, you deny that Mao killed 76,000,000 million people. But defend the 6,000,000 million people killed crafted by the Soviets. Not to mention you think I have sympathies with a single fascist, Mussolini, Hitler, as they are tyrants willing to initiate violence to reach their own ends. And labeling me with such is exactly like the blind-folded labeling of racism on anybody "white" who questions the multicultural narrative support by our government.

The left is the modern church, you either demonize, or victimize. You do not construct rational arguments, but construct complex labyrinths of catchy rhetorical slogans.

[–]exiledarizona -4 points-3 points ago

lol ok bro, i get it, i know what you are trying to do. This isn't my first rodeo. I'd rather not engage with people like you and just post over and over on here that scum like you are trying to recruit here. It works better.

[–]SarionFetecuse1 0 points1 point ago

And your purpose thus proves my point in its entirety.

[–]ex_logicaमोक्ष -1 points0 points ago